Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

There are nights when you just can’t seem to fall asleep. When it’s consistently a problem, it qualifies as a sleep disorder and you should consider seeking medical advice. This course will provide you with most of the basic information about various kinds of sleep disorders and about what constitutes a healthy sleeping pattern.

We all need to sleep; both our bodies and our minds require the rest. When we are asleep, our muscles relax and our brainwaves, heartbeat and respiration are all slowed down. All these physiological changes have to happen, so that we can feel well-rested and face the next day.

Sleep disorders Unfortunately, some of us don't consistently sleep well. Sleep disorders exist in all shapes and sizes and have different effects on everyone.  Some are temporary, others can be permanent. These disorders can result from physiological as well as from psychological problems.

This course consists of a 84-page e-book, available in .pdf format, that contains all the basic information about sleep disorders. It goes into the various kinds of sleep disorders and associated maladies and into the five factors that contribute to healthy sleeping patterns.

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This online course is meant for everyone who would like to know more information about various kinds of sleep disorders and what constitutes a healthy sleeping pattern.


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